It was the story that should never have been. The government’s red herring. A way to destabilise one of the most trusted and respected brands in Britain. Taking the focus off what’s happening with Brexit, public sector pay and a fantastic tactic for keeping our society’s chief inquisitor in check. Having said that, doesn’t “The BBC’s great pay scandal” make fascinating reading?

It confirms everything we feared but didn’t want to believe. At the corporation, white men rule and black women are at the bottom of the pile. The revelations of the top earners prove that.

Auntie likes to think of herself as a modern, all inclusive meritocracy, but power is addictive and rarely given up willingly. When you have lived with it all your life, you (like anyone else) are drawn to people like you. They move like you, talk like you, drink like you. You are comfortable with them and think they deserve the same (pay) as you.

I am surprised, knowing these figures were about to be released and what they contained, the men in suits did not devise a discernible strategy. Equal pay, regardless of gender or race should be a basic requirement. How can it be anything else? If it is not out in the open that’s how. These revelations are for those who earn £150,000 or more, but why not release figures for everyone? Why would the disparity only be for high earners? How much confidence should we now have that the Asian female producer on £25,000 gets the same as the white male producer (and not just in the BBC). The answer is none; unless we can see it for ourselves. Open all the books and reveal everything. Have a valid reason for why x is payed more than y. Yes it will be messy for a while but only good can come from it in the end.

It would be great to know that when we pay our compulsory tv license, it is for an organisation which is the envy of the world because it delivers incisive impartial news and treats all its employees equally.

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6 thoughts on “Pandora’s Box

  1. Consistently I experience along with others what I call the “opaque ceiling” – here it is in the mainstream….

  2. The BBC technical side,riggers, lightning people ( lampys ) along with Camara and sound crew were always subject to the closed shop. Strictly union only.

    So, one would imagine the hourly rate was the same regardless of gender or race.

    Or was it ?

    So, it’s been revealed that the disparity between wages for those at the top of the earning spectrum are glaringly hideous, so do the BBC think that we are naive enough to think that those at the bottom of the pay spectrum i’m not subject to the same hideous disparity ?

    Fee’s for top Hollywood actors, The amount spent on the 268 taken to the Rio Olympics.

    So yes, Eddie is right, Think it’s time that the public knew who earns what

    It is our money after all .

  3. O agree with you Eddie publish the whole lot of them from top to bottom

  4. White supremacy in modern Britain

  5. Eddie rich look after the rich this has been engrained in uk society for eons women have been classed as second rate since time Started
    What’s new there will be a scandal someone will get the sack and a golden handshake then slowly but surely it will go back to normal
    Our good earned money pay for the TV license but I have sky Tv which I pay a monthly fee which comes with the BBC so why am I paying for the BBC twice ?
    Oh I know it’s to pay the the big wages of the white males in the BBC
    Ps where’s the black men/woman on the pay list
    PPs I hope they put up your wages at least your honest to your listeners

  6. Now that this has come to light is it not the agents that should be questioned as these are contracts that I am sure that everyone is happy with when they signed up. The disparity for those who work in production etc and are directly working for the BBC should have equalised pay re gender race etc

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