Getting ready for the palace

I’m going to the palace this month for my MBE and haven’t even bothered to get a suit yet. 
It’s a man thing I suppose, leaving stuff TIL the last minute

Mrs Nestor though, has had dresses in a 6, 8 and 10. She has tried them in purple, blue and orange.
Should she wrap, or does she try to fit a fascinator on her locks? She has booked her eye brows, toes, eyelashes and most curiously a waxing, is there something I am missing?

I’ve just had my ancestry done and am feeling a bit weird.

I’ve always wanted to know and now I do. I have a lot of reading to do. I have to take my children to different locations for our holidays.

We are making a radio documentary around how uncomfortable I’ve been with the word Empire. It was never really going to stop me from accepting something which allows me to raise more money for charity but……

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