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So Crossrail, the largest infrastructure project in Europe, is going to cost up to 2 billion pounds more than budgeted, with no end date in sight.I’m not sure how to view this other than a huge embarrassment. The problem is, nobody is prepared to carry the can. Department for Transport NOTFL NOMayor’s office NONo proper scrutiny, no accountability and no money to fill the £1 billion TFL shortfall.When I was a kid, I used to believe that everything should be nationalised. That if it were publicly owned, then any profits would go back in… blah blah blah.That isn’t the way it works though. People are never as careful with other people’s money. If there were shareholders involved in cross rail, I am positive it would have worked out differently. As for cross rail 2 …..

So, what did you Chelsea fans make of the Raheem Sterling story? Not a good look. First of all, I don’t think anybody is suggesting that fans applaud opposition players when they come to the sidelines but that video was something different. I can’t get away from thinking that his media portrayal as a flash bleep has played out in how he is vilified. I have been surprised by how well he has handled the whole thing. He put “clothes” on his argument when highlighting the difference between how two young players (one white and one black) were treated when buying houses for their respective mothers.One was flash because he hadn’t even played a first team game and the other was kind and thoughtful….. I hope the media will be more thoughtful when analysing players. Mindful they are not being judged by their race but by their acts.

So would you like custard with that humble pie Mr Nestor?I got it spectacularly wrong when I predicted the outcome of the Wilder/Fury fight a few weeks ago. I thought he was another white heavyweight dope. Propelled to a level above his capability on the basis of hope, rather than ability.How wrong I was!!! Be in no doubt, his draw against Wilder ranks right up there as one of the biggest comeback in sporting history.To come back from a ban, drugs, mental health challenges and a 10 stone weight loss is absolutely staggering. Mr Fury, I apologise for underrating you. You are a genuine contender, with a huge heart. (Did you see the punch he got up from in the final round?) I don’t think the world wants to see them fight again, neither do we wish to see Dillian White fight AJ again.We want to see the two unbeaten heavyweights fight and we want to see it NOWSomebody’s “O” has got to go.

Finally, whether you voted stay or go, I think we can all agree that the whole thing has turned into a kind of Carry On movie. 27 nation states (The EU) can agree on a deal-well done. We can’t even get one of the two main parties to agree their position respectively. It’s a shambles and must diminish our international standing. Not that we are leaving, but that our Prime Minister, after saying this is the very best deal we could hope for, is now going around Europe in the vain hope they can agree a form of wording which would stave off what might turn out to be her final humiliating defeat.We now know the delayed vote will take place before Jan 21st. It looks like more of the same in 2019, is it any wonder that great swathes of British society have lost faith in politics and politicians. Did anyone mention a Second Referendum??!!


Long Goodbyes

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For Black Boys

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Prime Time

You know how many Asdas this boy got me driving around for this drink 🤷🏽‍♂️ Thank you to Uncle #Patrick for bringing them from the #states.  Aunty #Yvette showed me

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Sucker Punch

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Child Q

No story has got to me like this one. The abuse, the inhumanity, the loss of innocence.Even though the report cites race as a contributing factor, I’ve asked listeners  to

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