My story of the month and maybe of the year is the one of the 12 boys stuck in a cave for more than two weeks with their coach. Every time I get near to despair when it comes to humans and how stupid we are, I see a story that makes me feel an amazing sense of pride. Cave divers and volunteers came from all over the world. They attempted the ‘Mission Impossible’ because there was no other option. Some of the children couldn’t even swim, let alone dive through a cave in (at times) complete darkness. The fact they did it so quickly is surely a testament to good planning and positive thinking.

So here is what we are going to try this month. We are going to think about how we can solve problems as opposed to how big the challenge is. The glass is half full.

Having said all that, let us also take a moment to think of the Thai navy Seal, Saman Gunan who gave his life to save others. What a hero

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