This week we have an historic event and most people don’t know and don’t care. It will affect where you live, how you live and how your children are educated. Doesn’t make sense does it?
Well it’s true. Philip Hammond is The Chancellor of The Exchequer. He controls the country’s finances and we are BROKE and he is in trouble. He was a “remainer” and seems to have an impossible job.

Against a backdrop of intense press attack, leaks from cabinet and a stalling of Brexit negotiations, he must provide a budget that encourages growth, keeps inflation down and unites a nation.

What does he do? Change National Insurance? Well we saw how well that went last time. (Less money in your pocket). Increase income tax? He is a Tory, that would be a disaster. (Less money in your pocket). More austerity measures? Mm

Are you interested yet?

Such is the confusion and anger about what Brexit really means against a backdrop of poor productivity and bad blood that whatever he does, I think it will be his last budget

What does that mean? ……..

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