Has McGregor already won?

For the first time since September 2014, I am seriously tempted to place a bet. Bookies are offering odds on 1-3, which means I get £1 for every 3 wagered. I know it doesn’t sound appealing but…(which is why I don’t gamble anymore)

The upcoming fight between MMA fighter Conor McGregor and future Hall of Famer, Floyd Mayweather, may be the biggest mismatch in Boxing history.
The Irishman cannot win. I have never been more sure of a result ever.
Before anyone starts with the lucky punch theory, just remember “Money” Mayweather is 49-0 meaning, unlike Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray, Oscar De La Hoya and almost any other great fighter you can think of, he has never lost.

I know he is 40, hasn’t fought for 2 years and has fragile hands. I know McGregor is a two time World MMA Champion, with about as much swagger as you can fit into 10 stone but….. It is not a mixed martial arts contest. This will be fought under the Marquis of Queensbury rules.

The truly amazing thing is the amount of hype McGregor has managed to get going. That he will earn in excess of £100 million in his first professional bout is fantastic. Hold on a minute, did I say he couldn’t win. How stupid am I? At £100M, he already has.

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