There has never been a film like Black Panther, of that there can be no doubt. It has broken so many box office records that no matter what you think of it, where it matters, [MONEY} it has been a huge success. I have been to see it twice (and yes, I did dress up). The second time with my 8-year-old and his Grandmother. They loved it and the really brilliant thing is that my boy doesn’t really see what all the fuss is about. An amazingly advanced African country where natural haired women are treated equally and one is the General.

So why do some people hate it so much? Because the fairy tale challenges the status quo. I mean why else is it being scrutinised like this? Did you hear any of this in relation to Iron Man, Avengers or Spiderman? In case you missed the memo, it is a comic book. I’ve spoken to people who thought it was going to be about the Black Panther civil rights movement and people who thought it was too violent. I suppose that is what happens when a film transcends its genre. That is the real success. People who have never watched a Marvel film were compelled, either through duty or because it was all anyone was talking about, to go and see it. If you haven’t, as of yet, I would advise you to see it for yourself. It isn’t a good Marvel, Black, Women’s or anything else kind of film. It is a quality, big budget Hollywood movie with the usual villain, love story, cliff hanger and happy ending. Thing is, all those things happen with predominantly Black ensemble. Now that is something different.

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2 thoughts on “BLACK PANTHER

  1. My sister is a spiritualist it like a new religion cross between Rastafarian and Nubian and Ethiopian African identity .

    I attend a chess championship for Black children and adults(parents) at the Mary Seacole Library,

    This was a over whelming feeling of belonging and achievement regarding the black panther movie.

    So as i do, i made a comment, on the African news i watched where a few African Comic Artise disgusting the movie,

    One of the comic critics Said Black Panther are missing out a big point the African think they have move ahead in development and look at Hero in Africa in a difference light e.g

    One of the head of the event put a stop to what i was saying and said most of the symbols and artifact use in black panther are spot on.

    The history of these Marval Character was created in a deference time where black people was fighting for civil right and yes the movies ,Nate Moore made some changes to sort political correctness regarding not making one of the hero dress as a Ape yes comic hero Ape Man he use the name M’Baku which to me is cool it positive .

    But my feeling is 2018 and it now people got a feeling of belonging our in History regarding black development the ball is rolling slowly for the start, if you look at the comic writers of Africia we was already getting to a point where our people feel belonging because by education and working tougher we become,

    Funny after Black panther i watch Harriet Tubman speech by Aisha Hinds in the TV show Underground and one thing that all these sorties narrative share we have got many talented actors who are Black. oooossss

  2. I read mostly this type of posts especially about black panther about its collection and much more related stories but you defined great. nice post

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