Back To School

Was asked to got to a school by a man who was a guest on my radio show many times & I used to give quite a tough time to. Dal Babu is a former chief superintendent in the Metropolitan Police.  With some of the challenging stories that have emerged, it usually made for quite a robust conversation. He is now retired and spends part of his retirement helping to advise and encourage children from underrepresented backgrounds. His links have allowed him to persuade some high profile people to come and engage with the children.

He warned me that they would be challenging and they were.  My aim was to answer any questions as honestly as possible, whilst leaving them with lots of positivity.  I hope I succeeded, they certainly taught me a lot.

Dal said this about me after the event:

” Eddie was cut from the same cloth as our children and that’s why they connected with him. We heard many stories about his upbringing and he discussed with the children that those kids with the best trainers at school ,were not the coolest people in their 30s”



Long Goodbyes

I had a rare and wonderful pleasure; born of tragedy but wonderful all the same. For well over a decade I have been messages from a Jude from Ealing. Sometimes

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For Black Boys

I watched a very important piece of theatre today. I’d heard so much about this For Black Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When The Hue Gets Too Heavy and wondered

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Prime Time

You know how many Asdas this boy got me driving around for this drink 🤷🏽‍♂️ Thank you to Uncle #Patrick for bringing them from the #states.  Aunty #Yvette showed me

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Sucker Punch

Took the big  boy to the Queens theatre in Hornchurch for a fab and slightly disturbing play called Sucker Punch. It is loosely based on the rivalry between Lennox Lewis and

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Child Q

No story has got to me like this one. The abuse, the inhumanity, the loss of innocence.Even though the report cites race as a contributing factor, I’ve asked listeners  to

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Money In My Pocket….

This week we have an historic event and most people don’t know and don’t care. It will affect where you live, how you live and how your children are educated.

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