I’ve spent hours trying to convince people to be interested in Brexit. It is the single most important decision in our lives. It Will impact the lives of our children’s children and will affect the way Brits are viewed and treated around the world.
Before you fall asleep, this isn’t about Brexit.

It’s about a 15 year old girl who, along with two of her friends was radicalised on line and seduced into flying to Syria via Turkey to meet and marry a soldier of ISIS.

Four years later, having two babies and now 9 months pregnant, she has given an interview to The Times saying she wants to come back and it has got people talking, reasoning and thinking.
Should she be allowed back in? Does she pose a threat? What about the unborn child?
The debate has been fascinating.
What do you think?
In the interview she doesn’t appear to show remorse. She talks about heads in dustbins.
If we don’t take her back the baby might die but what if we do?

Life is not black or white it is various shades of grey. Decisions do have consequences though and if it’s not something she doesn’t already know, it’s something Shamima Begum is about to discover

One thought on “Baby Come Back?

  1. We should waste no time on this girl – she shouldnt be able to come back here – could be dangerous. It was HER choice to go – we shouldnt have to pick up the pieces of this mess.

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