You can’t handle the truth

David Lammy has set the cat amongst the pigeons with his comments about Stacey Dooley’s social media post with a young black child for Comic Relief.

By saying “The world does not need any more white saviours” he has wielded a giant sized Zombie knife to slice open a wound that was already in need of stitches due to Brexit.

Using the word “WHITE” makes this a race issue and everybody feels obliged to dutifully fall into line.

Both sides can be right in an argument.

One of the pioneers of Comic Relief is a black man, Sir Lenny Henry. In 20 years it has raised over a billion pounds for worthy causes, both here and in Africa. 
In a time of austerity, it is even more necessary now, than it was then. 
Put simply, they do fabulous work.
And yet, I too am fed up with the one image of Africa. A continent, consisting of 54 Countries, great natural resource and not just a jungle, full of nameless naked little children with flies on their faces.

Comic Relief and David Lammy must learn that the way the message is delivered is as important as the message itself, else two rights will make a wrong.

Sadly, I worry that the message, the British public will hear is, “they don’t want our money” and that’s bad for everyone