Hope you’re enjoying the holidays.
Anyone know anything I can do with my kids for FREE?
All they’re doing is eating. They need to get out.!!Remember when your mum said get out and you knew the boundary was the lamp post and the timer was daylight.
Fear stops that now but I do wonder sometimes whether the danger now is any worse than when I was a child. Granted I am younger than the majority of people reading this but still 🤷🏽‍♂️
 I was walking to school (alone) at 7, playing outside at 8 and riding up and down on the bus at 9. I wouldn’t dream of letting my 10 year old do any of those things now 😞 it was the best time of my life. I learned so much.
BTW apparently everyone has a bus they remember taking as a child. Mine was 6, 22a or 253. What was yours?
I remember having the house key round my neck, whilst my friends had their keys hanging inside the letterbox. All this before Home Alone was a film.
On almost every level of interaction and independence, my children trail me. Not because of them but because of my fear. I don’t think I’m alone either. I often wonder what the implication of consistent video gaming and non verbal communications will have in the long run.
Sorry I got a bit deep there “As the actress said to the  Bishop”
Anyway I’m nearly at the Big House and these reflective musings will have to end.
Have a wonderful and productive day 🌞 🧡


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