Chocolate & the Bob movie

What is it about chocolate?
I’ve shared all the children’s Easter Eggs, I have indulged in Celebrations, Heroes and even Quality Street. I’m still eating fish and I’ve put on 4lbs. Don’t you dare judge me!!
I did finally get the chance to see the Bob Marley film.
I guess I wasn’t in a rush because I couldn’t over stand why they couldn’t/didn’t find a Jamaican to play the lead. I’ve been to his house and seen the bullet holes. Ive also seen the young men playing football in the garden. I was there in ’94 with Rob and Buju was sitting under a tree.  It was Surreal.
Anyhow, I seen enough of these big budget American movies to make me very dubious.
So let’s start with the Accents🤷🏽‍♂️ it’s very difficult when you hear jafaican all the time but deffo some of those white guys checking black girls did it better.
Marley himself had a swagger and I must say that Kingsley Ben-Adir was fabulous to. He bosses that movie.
In terms of the storyline,  Well again it is difficult because let’s say Bob and Rita’s relationship would have been regarded as “complicated” with both having children for different people. Today, he would have been cancelled. Can you imagine what his views would have been on some of the things which are happening now?
I was a rebel when I was young and didn’t understand how he could be so popular without selling out.  I would love to have seen more of why Peter and Bunny left.
I didn’t fall asleep which is quite a big thing nowadays so it deffo held me but with strong involvement of family, I’m guessing it had to be watered down because I’m sure they, or we would have been able to handle a truth that wouldn’t fit todays narrative of political correctness. Did you see it?
What did you think?
Have a wonderful and productive day 🌞
One Love 🤞🏿


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