Daydreaming is bad for you

Greetings 👋
I’m stood here pressed up against this glass wondering whether I should start wearing masks on the tube again. There is something about a mask on public transport that makes people stay away from you, particularly if it is a gimp one.
I saw a guy yesterday driving his car with the window open and wearing a 😷 🙄
In other news, would you believe the Bosslady is vex with me? Actually it is quite a regular thing. Most of the time I deserve it but this time 🤷🏽‍♂️
So after 3 days of silence, I ask her what the matter is and I could barely believe her response.
I think there may well have been some kind of hallucinogenic in her vegan cauliflower chicken wings.
So Mrs Nestor is vex with #badman because apparently I was despicable and disrespectful.  I caused her huge embarrassment!!  She feels ill and is worried that she has let her family down by staying with me. So what could it be?
After about an hour of me pretending to be sorry she says it was a dream.  A dream?  She starts telling me how realistic it felt and blah blah blah.
I got a mate who is a psychiatrist and I am wondering if he could fix her cut price if I pay cash.
I am so disappointed with myself because she was so upset, I found myself entertaining that nonsense. I even said sorry. Chuups. Anyway I can’t be the only person who this has happened to.
How did you deal with it? How realistic are dreams? Anyone remember Bobby Ewing’s wet dream?
I read that married men live longer lives. I’m convinced it just feels longer!
Have a wonderful and productive day 🌞
Try not to daydream 😶‍🌫️



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