Isn’t it horrible when someone whose work you’ve admired for years turns out to be a turd ??. A bit strong? Well maybe but it is difficult to get away from the fact that Kevin Spacey isn’t a nice man.

As Artistic Director of the Old Vic for a decade whilst still making wonderful films and television is testament to his great talent and versatility but…..These allegations will probably and correctly irreparably taint his legacy. In case you’ve been living on Planet zod, he is alleged to have (when 26 and ‘drunk’) attempted to sexually assault a 14 year old child. He says he doesn’t remember, is truly sorry and is gay.

As my mates will tell you, I like a drink but I must tell you, I have not made an approach to a child. If I did, then the shame would mean that I would remember. For it would mean that I had paedophilic tendencies. Just as serious and devious is his conflation of two things that people like me had been trying to separate in the media for years. By declaring [to nobody’s surprise] that he is gay whilst answering questions in relation to child sex abuse, he feeds the narrative that somehow the LGBT population are sexual deviants who cannot be trusted. The two issues have got NOTHING in common. He and his publicists would have known that when they put forward their cynical attempt at deflection.

The problem for Mr Spacey is that he doesn’t control the narrative. The Emmy’s have cancelled his special award and the House of Cards has collapsed. What next? Well depends on just how drunk he got. Watch this space(y)

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