To Give Or Not To Give

I am reading these stories about Comic Relief and how David Lammy’s comments have been responsible for a fall in revenue.My initial reaction was: “What utter b@ll@cks”Then I had to remind myself about my 2019 resolution. “Don’t be the intellectually patronising Wally that you accuse lots of others of being”. In other words, because I think it’s twaddle (sorry I mean foolishness) doesn’t mean it actually is.

So let’s take a look at this nonsense.

The argument goes, because David Lammy called out what he thought was a tired and outdated portrayal of Africa, some people have decided not to donate money.
Mm does it matter that we are in the middle of almost unprecedented austerity? That Brexit has meant focus on schools, NHS, social care, transport, policing, housing et al, have all but been forgotten? Or that CR made less in 2017 than it made in 2015? Clearly not.So let me put it out there. If the donations made to the charity did actually fall solely because a black man had the temerity to speak in a way that was not grateful, then David Lammy was right. Your call.