Having ‘THE CHAT’

Greetings,Hope you had a great Bank Holiday.  Welcome to the musings of a badman on train on the way to the Big House.

Last year I introduced my boy to Carnival at the age of 13.  He loved it and was insistent that we return.  Couple of things occurred to me. We spent the day together, just me and him and I’ve been advised by all my bredrins that this phase is incredibly important.  That this is where he will talk listen and emulate.  No little brother to interrupt and no muddah to interfere. (Leave it)  So, this year he said he wanted to hear me play music.  It was one of the things I did to survive lockdown but I’d never played Carnival.So I asked/told My Soul Village compatriot “Tight Dave” I’m coming to play.  Now playing in front of thousands of people is not really normal for me and in truth it gave me serious anxiety but badman needed to show the boy I could do it.  In truth I practiced and rehearsed like I was going to interview the Prime Minister.Playing, mixing and talking in full view of everyone.  Chuups it was a fabulous experience and I would advise everyone to do something this week that takes you out of your comfort zone.For Robbie Gee it would be having a shower but for you it might be something different.We then decided to take a walk 🤷🏽‍♂️We first had to use the toilet.  Jheez they were nasty.The clever people running the Black economy were charging a fiver. The same as a patty.  I’ve given up on Carnival patties, after spending three years trying to find one with meat in it.  Anyway some girl runs up to my child and gives him a hug 🤐 I feel very uncomfortable.  Turns out that she goes to his school.To me she looks/dresses a lot older.Anyway she is with her dad and they are going to Saxon.  “Dad can we go too?” I’m suspicious now.What does this yout know about Saxon?  I know why he wants to go.Funny thing is that I had spent the whole day trying not to look at some of the uhm images which (under normal circumstances) would have had my head spinning.So we go and yes I’m jinking. I thought the bass at Sir Lloyd was something but Saxon 🔈 🔈🔈🔈🔈

Badman is dancing and they [my boy and this girl] are just of to the side chirpsing.  I felt very uncomfortable.  I mean we are going to see Harry Potter tomorrow. He is my baby.

Sugar it means I got to talk to him. I got to tell him bout tissues and wet dreams.I DONT WANT TO. He is my little Prince.But it look like someone wants him to be her prince too.I’m looking at her fardah and he is looking at me.I took her by the hand and brought her to him and took my child home.

How do I start the chat?

Sensible answers only


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