Do you care what happens next in regards to exiting the EU?

Every week Is an important week for Brexit and this week is no different and people keep telling me they don’t care, I think it’s time we did.

As I sit here in the changing room, whilst the two boys have their swimming lessons, I can at last have a look at the papers. 

Today they are filled with stories of how the Prime Minister is being forced out by a cabinet coup.

I can’t help but wonder what good that would do, who would it help?

Would it give us an answer to Brexit?
Would it mean that normal people would automatically trust politicians to not act in their own best interest? 
Would it mean a smoother transition? Would it mean no transition at all?

A million people marched on the streets of London yesterday. 
It was a sight to behold with young and old, rich and poor. Politically devided Deputy Prime Ministers past and present in Michael Heseltine and Tom Watson cheek by jowl. 
4 million people (more than ever before) also signed a petition to revoke article 50.

But, if those papers are to be believed, if Mrs May’s time as Prime Minister has come to an end, it won’t be because of people power.

it will be because this week she had the temerity to criticise MP’s and place her self as some kind of martyr on the side of the people. How dare she!!!!!
The Prime Minister May discover what the qualification for martyrdom actually is and If that happens, then you’d better take notice as we will all be in deep do do.