Harry Potter

I had another day with the big boy the day after Carnival and it was fab, if not without incident.
I had booked the day off to take him to the theatre. “Day off?” I hear you shout. YES.Harry Potter is over 5 and half hours long. You get there at 2 and the first part is 2:40. You go away and come back at 7 pm.
I already knew that it was impossible for me to sit in a darkened room for that length of time without sleeping, but the American guy to our right took it to another level. Head back and mouth open.  He was so embarrassed that he didn’t come back.
Anyway, I am ahead of myself.  People (particularly on here) have made it very clear that the more quality time I spend with my first born, the better I can prepare him for some of the challenges he will encounter.  What has also been interesting is how he decodes how I deal with those challenges.So we get to the theatre and they wanna look through your bags, cool.  Then they wanna scan you with a hand wand.  Excessive but ok.  Then I get the only black security guard and he says. “Do you have anything in your pockets that I should be concerned by?” 🤷🏽‍♂️ Even the question is ridiculous.  I want to tell that I’ve got his mum’s mobile number but I am minded that I am being watched.  (By my son)  I ask this fool if he knows that this is a theatre and I am a grown man here with a child.  He then says ok and let’s me in.  I look at him a little longer than I should and walk past.
We then settle on Pizza Hut for our meal between shows.  Mainly because he was traumatised when he saw the cooked ducks hanging up in the windows as we strolled through Chinatown.  Anyway Pizza Hut ain’t what it used to be back in the day. We go in and you have to scan the menu and make your order by mobile phone. This is after being told that they don’t accept cash. What a ting!
So. we scan and there is no Apple Pay facility in the process.  Eventually I call the assistant and she (for whom Hinglish is a 2nd language) starts talking to me like I’m some sort of imbecile. (Remember I am being watched)  so I start to tell her about her fiscal incredulity and monetary inflexibility.  She told me all I had to do was put my card number down.  I think something in me snapped.  I asked her to go and get a piece of paper to take my order and to bring the hand held machine I noticed when I came in and I would pay with my phone, like I do everywhere else.  I was careful to be very polite. I don’t like arguing with people who cook my food.  Cept if it’s …….Anyway I’m trying to teach this boy that people will have preconceived ideas of who and what you are, based on the way you look. Indeed you will also have them about people YOU meet.  But you gotta treat people properly and you have to be confident and assertive enough to make your point and stand your ground without being rude.The breddah at the theatre is lucky the boy was there.  When we got back for the second show we were scanned again and no such question was asked which means…..
I’m at th Big House now. Ima check you soon ❤️


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