Going Back To School

Somehow Leila Thomas convinced me to do three things I hate today and I ? loved ?. it.
I went to a School in Lewisham South London for 8am to be part of Urban Synergy Mentoring 
The idea was to take a whole year group, invite them to prepare cv’s, dress up and develop adult life skills through mock interviews with dozens of professionals who had given up their day to offer love and guidance.
Today I saw young people #inspired by doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, police officers, soldiers, bankers, teachers, government workers, fitness instructors, plumbers etc etc etc.

We inadvertently portray our young as feral, hoodie wearing, knife wielding delinquents.

It’s got so bad that we are now afraid of our own children.
Remember they are products of a society that #we created.

Today I saw connections!!!!!

Mentors learned from the young people too.

I am convinced this is the future.

Mentoring, guiding, giving a commodity which is in short supply #time 
I encourage you to engage a young relative or join a mentoring scheme. 
If we all help one person……