From now on I am going to deal with my children in silence when out in public.

Doing the usual Sunday Morning swimming ??‍♂️ run (that does make sense).  Child one, stage 3 (aged 5) 9am and child two, stage 7 (aged 10) 9.30am.  That means there is a gap where I sit and we talk.

So am discussing Pythagoras theorem with the 5 year old when a breddah, with two similarly aged children says “ I know that voice from the radio”.  Then before he says Trevor Nelson, I help him.  “Eddie” I start. “Yeah, Eddie Gee”….. Anyway, after he told me how much he likes listening to me every morning on LBC. He asked if I live local.  I told him that I bring the kids every week.  He then says it’s good that I am so involved with my Grandchildren. #Eediat