I earn my living by speaking, so words and their meaning are very important to me. Not just the word but how it is said, when it is said and how often it is said. This week’s word is desensitised. Now I don’t know what the dictionary says but I know what it means to me…..something which should have a particular (shocking) affect doesn’t anymore.

I am struggling not to be so affected by the 47 senseless and ever increasing number of deaths on the streets of the Capital.

After the weekend, when I turn on my phone, I now expect to see that another child has been killed. That means Mother’s, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, friends, associates and indeed a whole community is in mourning….Again. [If you are wondering, anybody under 30 is a child to me]

This time a 17 year old girl known locally as Tanesha, shot dead in a drive by shooting in Tottenham. In my many WhatsApp groups the consensus seems to be that officials don’t care enough to do anything about it. And they won’t, until little white children get killed. Nobody wants that but so moved/desperate are people, I’ve spoken to, that they are now advocating curfews. People are dying at a rate of one every fortnight and if it were terrorism, something would be done. I will leave it to you to decide whether cuts to youth facilities, music, video games and absent fathers have played a part but I am not waiting for anyone to save my children. That is my job. I dont know if I am doing it right because there aren’t classes like that. We all just do our best.

We ALL have to do something as I am sure there is worst to come, which is why mere words are no longer enough. We have to act. Engage young people. Be positive around them. Get three friends who also have children. Go out, reason, set boundaries, grow that tiny network into a village. Then we might get some control. Seems like all the youngsters want is respect. Let us as elders show them what real respect is because even though I earn my money by speaking, I understand Actions speak louder than words.

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10 thoughts on “ITS GOT TO STOP…..

  1. It is sad that we should copy American culture so closely. Guns are for farmers and posh people to bang away at half tame pheasants at the weekend. Not something that should be in the glove box of a Nissan type R roaring round White Hart Lane. Sad indeed.

    1. In my opinion the powers that be do nothing about knife crime, as in their eyes it all helps with their social cleansing and gentrification of London programme. Along with giving the poorest of people, that can’t make ends meet the responsibility Universal Credit, thus resulting in many losing their homes, and many others choosing to move out due to the violence. It’s a win win for them to do nothing, while everyday our children die. Tragic!!! I live in Tottenham, with my two sons, 19 and 20, i have for 47 years, something HAS to be done!!!

  2. I am saddened by this but not surprised. I suppose I’m one of those that’s becoming desensitised (using Eddie’s word) as it’s occurring so regularly. I’m sad to admit that. I am, however, sick and tired of people blaming every one else in sight except those that can actually do something about this whole situation – the parents! Or the Elders. Or the guardians or whatever you want to call them. People are responsible for bringing up their children and have to set boundaries and ensure that the children know who’s in charge. Right now the way things are going it looks like the children are in charge of the adults. The adults spend all their time trying to stay young (or pretend they’re young) in order to compete with young adults/their children nowadays. I see mothers pushing pushchairs totally ignoring their child whilst they speak on their mobile. Their child is just another “thing” in their life. I have heard children call to their mother but because the mother is on the phone she totally ignores her child rather than engaging with that child and ensuring the child feels wanted and loved. Children will stray very easily if they feel no one is interested in them and there are plenty of people just waiting out there to take your child down the wrong road. If everyone went back to actually parenting their children then it might go a long way to children having respect for themselves and adults.

  3. I am not shocked or surprised as there is no teaching of respect, love one another and live in peace taught in schools, college or University. Our youths need discipline to be enforced by parents as the government will only do or provide resources to lock up offenders of a system which clearly is not working. It is time for us to show the youths that they are playing a game which which will end up with our people being wiped out of society and looked upon as being ignorant and troublesome.

    1. Wow!! 2018 war on the streets

  4. I sadly agree with the fact it is black lives that are being loss , hence the importance and the success of stopping killings daily of Chily.

  5. Mr Nestor, I agree with you 100%. It’s time to stand up and take action. I death is too many but now we are reaching unprecedented levels. And this morning we hear that the 16 year old boy who was shot on the same day has died. You know me Eddie and as you can clearly see, I’m a white guy. And I agree with you again when you say that if it was young white kids being killed something would done about it.

  6. It’s time for a London wide curfew.
    I always fear for children during the holidays as they are all “bait” during the day, not protected by school during the core hours. I can truly say I am desensitised to it all, everyday another child is stabbed/shot/killed and I fell helpless towards it

  7. Where do we start. Donald Trump tweeted last week that the killing of unarmed black males is a local issue. He does not want to be ‘bothered’ with it. Over here Theresa May hands it back to ‘Sadiq Khan’ as his responsibility.
    When it comes to respect the youth believe it is a right of passage and if we reprimand them it is like adding fuel to the fire. I am not saying we let them run wild, but we have to change our approach to them in order for them to change their approach to others.
    If they genuinely feel that material wealth visible to the world is a measure of success, status and “I have arrived” then the whole schooling system has failed. If absent fathers don’t feel connected and angry mother continue to tell their children half of who they are is “worthless” then life becomes worthless and easy to end. The bible says “life and death are in the power of the tongue” social media has a mouth most dangerous, when words flow through the fingers and speak through the screens. We have to recognise the tongue is the only beast that cannot be tamed! Money, status and all that bravado is left behind when one is buried – so what does it really profit, if you lose your soul to get it?

  8. We’re reaping of the whirlwind of mistakes the first British-born generation made back in the 70s. The Caribbean generation has very strict morality when it came to crime and other anti-social behaviour: it brought shame to the family. Yet, some of our generation rebelled. They thought the racist conditions meant that our parents’ ways were useless. Some of us ended up in jail. This created an environment where some destructive behaviours went unchecked. We are now faced with the grandchildren of those who fell by the wayside. The grandchildren inherited the frustration, anger, bitterness and failure of the 70s generation. The boundaries and rules for some have gone. The result is black teenagers killing black teenagers. Many won’t like this, but we need to spread some of the values that promoted in the black-run churches.

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