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Sexual attacks have been rising in the capital. I was keen to know why it has largely gone under the radar and what could and should be done about it.

'Third of British men believe non-consensual sex with women who flirt on dates may not be rape, poll claims'

" 'Alarming' attitudes towards rape revealed in survey of British public"

I invited Rachel Krys from End Violence Against Women, to have an “UNCOMFORTABLE” conversation.

'Many of us are unsure about what rape means'

'Victims refuse to back prosecutions for fear of courtroom humiliation'

I was incredibly lucky to interview one of the most inspiring women of colour in this country.

Baroness Valerie Amos is passionate about Human Rights and Equality and an inspiration to all women.

Eddie talks male suicide on his drivetime show at BBC Radio London.

28 years ago I was in a docu-drama which has now come of age.

Here is my take on whether somebody can self identify. Be nice to get your thoughts.

Eddie sits down with Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. 

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I recently visited Idris Elba at his home for chat about his directorial debut. 

  Have a watch below. 

Ahead of the announcement of Stephen Lawrence Day.  I sit down with his father, Dr Neville Lawrence to discuss love, loss and forgiveness. 

Glenda came to the UK when she was 6 months old, lost her job of 16 years with the NHS and was forced to live off her children.  Her case was highlighted on my Drivetime show, then this happened...